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The Pitchbook Creation Process: How Poor Planning Leads to Poor Results

October 25, 2017 |

By: Sarah McNabb

Just as a hedge fund strategy inherently follows a specific process to increase capital, manage risk, and optimize return opportunities for investors, the development of a successful and professional fund pitchbook must also follow a special process.

From planning and messaging, to content and design, an effective fund pitchbook has a process with multiple considerations that, if not carefully and properly executed, can make an otherwise excellent strategy look…less than appealing.

Here, we list some common mistakes made within a poorly executed pitchbook process.


  1. Poor Planning


  1. Poor Messaging


  1. Poor Content


  1. Poor Design


All steps of a pitchbook process must be executed correctly. These steps interlock and operate like gears that turn: Making mistakes in the design part of the pitchbook process affects the transmission of content, and so forth. Don’t increase your marketing risk. Always take your time in the execution of this process or let a professional develop your pitchbook for you. Your AUM will thank you.


About the Author

Sarah McNabb is Chief Marketing Officer at Gate 39 Media, a financial services marketing firm providing online marketing and application development for financial services across futures, equities, hedge funds, and alternative investments.